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  • Here we show that mice that lack PDK1 specifically in pancreatic beta cells (betaPdk1(-/-) mice) develop progressive hyperglycemia as a result of a loss of islet mass [11].
  • GLK-deficient mice die perinatally with severe hyperglycemia [12].
  • The affected subjects with glucokinase mutations usually had mild hyperglycemia that began during childhood, whereas in subjects with maturity-onset diabetes of the young not due to glucokinase mutations, hyperglycemia usually appeared after puberty [13].
  • We conclude that patients with Type I diabetes have an acquired defect in interleukin-2 production, whereas patients with Type II diabetes do not, and that this defect is not correlated with an ongoing autoimmune process, with hyperglycemia, or with insulin administration or oral hypoglycemic therapy [14].
  • The hyperglycemia was due mainly to a marked stimulation of hepatic glucose production that occurred without changes in levels of free insulin or glucagon [15].

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