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Overexpression of PRE1 and its homologous genes activates Gibberellin-dependent responses in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Gibberellins control various aspects of growth and development. Here, we identified a gene, designated paclobutrazol resistance1 (PRE1), by screening Arabidopsis activation-tagged lines. PRE1 encodes a helix-loop-helix protein and belongs to a small gene family. Physiological and genetic analysis indicated that overexpression of PRE1 altered various aspects of gibberellin-dependent responses such as germination, elongation of hypocotyl/petiole, floral induction and fruit development, and suppressed gibberellin-deficient phenotypes of the ga2 mutant. Expression of some gibberellin-responsive genes was also affected by PRE1. Expression of PRE1 was shown to be early gibberellin inducible in the wild-type plants and under control of SPY and GAI, upstream negative regulators of gibberellin signaling. The shortened hypocotyl length phenotype of the gai-1 mutant was suppressed by PRE1 overexpression. Ectopic overexpression of each of the four PRE1-related genes conferred pleiotropic phenotypes similar to PRE1 overexpression, indicative of overlapping functions among the PRE gene family. Our results of gain-of-function studies suggest that PRE genes may have a regulatory role in gibberellin-dependent development in Arabidopsis thaliana.[1]


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