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Short-term acceptability of the Reality polyurethane female condom and a synthetic latex prototype: a randomized crossover trial among South African women.

PURPOSE: This multisite, randomized, crossover trial comparing the acceptability of the Reality(R) female condom (FC1), with a new synthetic latex prototype (FC2) of similar design and appearance to FC1, was conducted in Durban, South Africa. METHODS: In total, 276 women were enrolled and 1910 FC1 condoms and 1881 FC2 condoms were used by 218 and 216 women, respectively. RESULTS: Overall experience of use was reported as good for over half the participants with both condom types (FC1=50.9%, FC2=55.1%). Similar acceptability issues were reported in like proportions for FC1 and FC2, with features such as the lubricant (FC1=36.7%, FC2=37.0%) and the material (FC1=36.2%, FC2=29.2%) most commonly viewed positively for both condom types. Negative aspects commonly reported for both female condoms were the lubricant (FC1=30.3%, FC2=31.5%) and the appearance (FC1=29.8%, FC2=34.0%). Preference for FC1 was 29.5% and was slightly higher for FC2 (36.6%). Some women felt that there was no real difference between the two devices (33.8%). CONCLUSION: The acceptability of FC1 and FC2 was comparable, and women who find FC1 acceptable to use should also find FC2 acceptable.[1]


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