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Identification and characterization of collagen-binding activity in Streptococcus mutans wall-associated protein: a possible implication in dental root caries and endocarditis.

Streptococcus mutans is implicated in coronal and dental root decay, and in endocarditis. Comparative study of the amino acid sequence of S. mutans 47 kDa wall-associated protein A (WapA) revealed a collagen-binding domain (CBD) at the N-terminal region. Recombinant AgA (WapA truncated at the carboxyterminal end) was isolated, biotin-labeled, and analyzed by Solid Phase Binding Assay. The results showed that biotin-labeled AgA bound significantly and in a dose-dependent manner to immobilized collagen type I, and to a lesser extent to fibronectin, but not to collagen type IV or laminin. Binding of biotin-labeled S. mutans cells to collagen-coated surfaces was significantly inhibited by antibody to WapA or AgA (P<0.001). The results obtained confirmed the collagen-binding activity of CBD in AgA and WapA, and suggested that WapA may be used, not only as a vaccine against coronal and dental root caries, but also against S. mutans-mediated endocarditis.[1]


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