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Gene context of Endocarditis

  • TIMP2 mRNA was found in three cases of endocarditis [27].
  • Signals for MMP9 mRNA were found in two cases with endocarditis and five cases with degenerative valvular disease [27].
  • Synthesis of MMP2 mRNA was found in seven valves, five with endocarditis and two with degenerative valvular disease [27].
  • TIMP1 mRNA, on the other hand, was found in 17 cases, both endocarditis and degenerative valvular disease [27].
  • Persistent TNF amounts were associated with the occurrence of endocarditis in patients with valvulopathy, and that may be a marker of chronic evolution of Q fever [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Endocarditis


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