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Decrease in plasma adiponectin concentrations in patients with variant angina pectoris.

BACKGROUND: Plasma adiponectin is decreased in patients with coronary artery diseases, especially in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). However, the correlation between plasma adiponectin and variant angina pectoris (VAP) has not been verified. Plasma adiponectin concentrations between VAP and other coronary artery diseases was compared in the present study. The association between plasma adiponectin concentration and VAP was also investigated. METHODS AND RESULTS: Plasma adiponectin concentrations in the VAP group (n=101) were compared with those of the ACS group (n=117), the stable angina pectoris group (n=108), and the normal coronary group (n=81). Plasma adiponectin concentrations in VAP and ACS were significantly lower than that of the normal coronary group (6.6+/-5.4 vs 5.2+/-4.0 vs 9.0 +/-6.2 microg/ml, p<0.001, respectively). Multivariate analysis indicated that plasma adiponectin (odds ratio (OR) 0.735, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.621-0.855, p=0.011), smoking (OR 2.012, 95% CI 1.210-3.880, p=0.020), and age (OR 0.976, 95% CI 0.957-0.997, p=0.022) correlated independently with the development of VAP. CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that a decrease in plasma adiponectin concentration might be associated with the development of VAP.[1]


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