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Icilin evokes a dose- and time-dependent increase in glutamate within the dorsal striatum of rats.

Icilin, the peripheral cold channel agonist, activates TRPM8 and TRPA1, localized on dorsal root ganglia and trigeminal neurons in rats. Icilin precipitates immediate wet-dog shakes in this species, which are antagonized by centrally acting mu and kappa opioid agonists, implicating the central nervous system in the behavioral response. We studied the effect icilin has on glutamate levels in the dorsal striatum, a brain region involved in movement. Icilin (0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 mg/kg, i.p.) elicited a dose- and time-dependent increase in glutamate within the striatum, indicative of icilin's neurochemical effect in rats.[1]


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