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Activation of endogenous retroviral transcription in SV40-transformed mouse cells.

We have previously isolated a number of cDNA clones that correspond to mRNAs present at higher levels in SV40-transformed cells than in the untransformed parental cells (Scott, M.R.D., Westphal, K.-H. and Rigby, P.W.J. (1983) Cell 34, 557-567). We have now determined the nucleotide sequence of the archetypal Set 2 clone, pAG59, and can thus identify it as corresponding to the env gene of the endogenous, ecotropic C-type retrovirus of Balb/c mice, Emv-1. We have shown that in the subset of SV40-transformed cells that express the provirus both of the proteins encoded by env, gp70 and p15E, are synthesised and that the former is displayed on the cell surface. We discuss the significance of these observations for the biology of SV40 transformation.[1]


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