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Gene Review

Oxct2a  -  3-oxoacid CoA transferase 2A

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 3-oxoacid CoA-transferase 2A, Oxct, Oxct2, SCOT-t1, Scot, ...
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Disease relevance of Oxct2a

  • In cells transformed by simian virus 40, the small, cytoplasmic B2 RNAs are present at 20-fold-higher levels than in normal cells (M. R. D. Scott, K. Westphal, and P. W. J. Rigby, Cell 34:557-567, 1983; K. Singh, M. Carey, S. Saragosti, and M. Botchan, Nature [London] 314:553-556) [1].
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children (Dagher, R., and Helman, L. (1999) Oncologist 4, 34-44), whereas medulloblastoma, a highly malignant tumor of the cerebellum, accounts for 20% of childhood brain tumors (Goodrich, L. V., and Scott, M. P. (1998) Neuron 21, 1243-1257) [2].
  • Cell Biol. 110, 743-752)) formation of the scrapie prion protein PrP(Sc) from its normal conformer PrP(C) (Taraboulos, A., Scott, M., Semenov, A., Avrahami, D., Laszlo, L., Prusiner, S [3].
  • Transducing bacteriophages were found for each of the well-characterized L. monocytogenes strains: EGD, 10403, Mack (serotype1/2a), L028 (serotype 1/2c), Scott A (serotype 4b) and strains from the Jalisco and Halifax, Nova Scotia outbreaks (serotype 4b) [4].
  • Previous studies correlated the presence of a 200-kDa protein on the surface of Moraxella catarrhalis with the ability of this organism to agglutinate human erythrocytes (M. Fitzgerald, R. Mulcahy, S. Murphy, C. Keane, D. Coakley, and T. Scott, FEMS Immunol. Med. Microbiol. 18:209-216, 1997) [5].

High impact information on Oxct2a

  • Sulfur mustard has been shown to be mutagenic in a variety of different species using many different laboratory techniques from fruit flies, microorganisms and mammalian cell cultures (Fox and Scott, 1980) [6].
  • Eight of approximately 100 cell lines derived at the Scott and White Clinic from human solid tumors were found to have the same phenotypes when analyzed for 15 polymorphic enzymes at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. These data were confirmed at the M [7].
  • A phenylurea series of chemical inhibitors of XIAP was recently generated by our laboratories (Schimmer, A. D., Welsh, K., Pinilla, C., Bonneau, M., Wang, Z., Pedersen, I. M., Scott, F. L., Glinsky, G. V., Scudiero, D. A., Sausville, E., Salvesen, G., Nefzi, A., Ostresh, J. M., Houghten, R. A., and Reed, J. C. (2004) Cancer Cell 5, 25-35) [8].
  • In these quiescent cells, insulin- and vanadate-induced mitogenesis are both associated with the induction of the c-jun proto-oncogene (Wang and Scott 1991 J. Cell. Physiol. 147, 102-110; Wang et al. 1991 Cell Growth Differ. 2, 645-652) [9].
  • The stable overexpression of near full-length P2P-R protein in human Saos 2 cells restricts cell cycle progression by inducing mitotic arrest at prometaphase and mitotic apoptosis (Gao and Scott, 2002) [10].

Biological context of Oxct2a

  • Gene structure and evolution of testicular haploid germ cell-specific genes, Oxct2a and Oxct2b [11].
  • Both Oxct2's are single-copy intronless genes, of which nucleotide sequences are conserved with Oxct, indicating that these genes are transposons generated from Oxct [11].
  • The differentiation of 3T3 T proadipocytes is preceded by growth arrest at a state in the G1 phase of the cell cycle (GD) which is distinct from other G1 growth arrest states including those induced by serum deprivation (GS) or nutrient deprivation (GN) (Scott et al., 1982) [12].
  • Prior administration of sodium bicarbonate did not enhance the virulence of L. monocytogenes strain Scott A for i.g. inoculated mice [13].
  • The majority of all these cytogenetic experiments yielded negative findings (Scott and Preston, Mutat Res 318:175-203, 1994) [14].

Anatomical context of Oxct2a

  • Two testicular isoforms, Oxct2a and Oxct2b, are highly homologous and specifically expressed in haploid spermatids of the mouse [11].
  • Since previous studies showed that calcium uptake by synaptosomes from rodents declines with aging, the subsynaptosomal distribution of calcium was determined with the disruption method of Scott et al [15].
  • Previously it has been reported that hapten-specific B cell unresponsiveness could be elicited by macrophages pulsed with the tolerogen deaggregated fluoresceinated sheep gamma globulin (FL-SGG; R. P. Phipps and D. W. Scott, J. Immunol. 1983. 131:2122) [16].
  • An SV40 large T antigen-transformed 3T3 T cell line, CSV3-1, that can growth arrest and differentiate into adipocytes with high efficiency has, however, recently been described (Scott et al: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 86:1652-1656, 1989; Estervig et al: J. Virol. 63:2718-2725, 1989; J. Cell. Physiol. 142:552-558, 1990) [17].
  • These findings suggest that the ability of L. monocytogenes Scott A to cause systemic infection following introduction into the gastrointestinal tract was not improved by incubation with wieners or suspension in a meat matrix [18].

Associations of Oxct2a with chemical compounds

  • The citreoviridin-producing fungus Eupenicillium ochrosalmoneum Scott & Stolk was isolated from each of these pick-out kernels [19].
  • Scott Steffensen then described his studies recording in vivo from GABA containing neurones in the VTA in freely moving rats [20].
  • We compared the electrostatic properties of anionic sites in basement membranes of continuous and fenestrated capillaries by determining the salt concentration (critical electrolyte concentration, Scott and Dorling, 1965) required to displace ruthenium red from the sites [21].
  • Males were significantly more likely to be malformed than females at all doses, in contrast to the predominance of females observed in rat fetuses exposed to acetazolamide (Scott et al.: Teratology 6:239-240, '73) [22].
  • The antimitotic activity of oxidized derivatives of cholesterol was investigated using an assay developed by Van Scott and Bonder [23].

Other interactions of Oxct2a

  • In this report, we analyzed the structure and evolution of Oxct2a and Oxct2b [11].
  • Recent circumstantial evidence has implicated Insulin-like growth factor II in the genesis of several tumour types, notably developmental tumours (Scott et al., 1985; Schofield & Tate, 1987; Wilkins et al., 1989) [24].
  • This type of tumour, thought to originate during the defective differentiation of organ precursors (Miereau et al., 1987), often expresses greatly elevated levels of mRNA for IGF-II, a known mitogen for these cells and abundantly expressed in their presumed normal counterparts (Scott et al., 1985; Schofield & Tate, 1987; Gray et al., 1987) [24].
  • These results in the mouse support our earlier findings in the hamster [Pickard, G.E., Weber, E.T., Scott, P.A., Riberdy, A.F. and Rea, M.A., J. Neurosci., 16 (1996) 8208-8220] and are consistent with the interpretation that 5HT1B presynaptic receptors participate in the regulation of photic input to the SCN [25].


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