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Salicylic acid determination in cow urine and drugs using a bienzymatic sensor.

An enzymatic biosensor was developed for salicylic acid (salicylate ion) determined using a Clark type gas diffusion electrode and two enzymes (tyrosinase and salicylate hydroxylase) entrapped in a cellulose triacetate membrane. After optimization, the method was applied to the determination of salicylic acid in cow urine. Relatively good recoveries were achieved, between about 83% and 109%, using the calibration curve, and acceptable precision (R.S.D. about 8%). The method is now being tested for the determination of salicylic acid contained in commercially available drug specialities or galenic products. So far agreement with nominal values has been found to be between 75% and 110% with a R.S.D. of less than 8%.[1]


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