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Analysis of neutron and gamma-ray streaming along the maze of NRCAM thallium production target room.

Study of the shield performance of a thallium-203 production target room has been investigated in this work. Neutron and gamma-ray equivalent dose rates at various points of the maze are calculated by simulating the transport of streaming neutrons, and photons using Monte Carlo method. For determination of neutron and gamma-ray source intensities and their energy spectrum, we have applied SRIM 2003 and ALICE91 computer codes to Tl target and its Cu substrate for a 145 microA of 28.5 MeV protons beam. The MCNP/4C code has been applied with neutron source term in mode n p to consider both prompt neutrons and secondary gamma-rays. Then the code is applied for the prompt gamma-rays as the source term. The neutron-flux energy spectrum and equivalent dose rates for neutron and gamma-rays in various positions in the maze have been calculated. It has been found that the deviation between calculated and measured dose values along the maze is less than 20%.[1]


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