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Onchocercacidal effects of amocarzine (CGP 6140) in Latin America.

An open clinical trial of amocarzine was carried out in onchocerciasis patients in Ecuador and Guatemala. Administration after food was more effective than that during fasting. The most effective and best tolerated regimen, 3 mg/kg twice daily after food for 3 days (in 312 patients), killed 73% of 1477 female worms at nodulectomy 4 months after treatment. The mean microfilarial skin count was greatly reduced within a week (6-11% Of day 0 value on day 8) and it remained low at least 6 months (14-18% on day 180). Follow-up of a higher dose 3 day regimen taken while fasting showed microfilaridermia of 7-9% of the day 0 value 2 years after treatment.[1]


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