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Association analysis of delta-opioid receptor gene polymorphisms in methamphetamine dependence/psychosis.

The role of the delta-opioid receptor (OPRD1) in methamphetamine (MAP) addiction was investigated using association analysis between OPRD1 gene polymorphisms and MAP dependence/psychosis. DNA samples from Japanese patients with MAP dependence/psychosis were analyzed to find polymorphisms in OPRD1 gene exons and exon-intron boundaries. One novel single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in intron 1 and two SNPs in exon 3 were identified. The two SNPs in exon 3 were in linkage disequilibrium. No significant difference was observed in either genotypic or allelic frequencies of these SNPs between controls (n = 260) and MAP dependent/psychotic patients (n = 170). Global analyses using the three SNPs and subcategory analyses on clinical parameters also showed no significant differences. These results suggest that the OPRD1 gene variants may not be a factor in vulnerability to MAP dependence/psychosis.[1]


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