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Management of oil of citronella poisoning.

The management for ingestion of oil of citronella, an essential oil, has traditionally been rigorous, including dilution with milk or oil, and gastric lavage or emesis, taking care to prevent aspiration. Recently our Centre handled five oil of citronella poisonings and their outcomes led us to review our management protocol which had been based on information from standard poisoning texts. The source data used to determine the human toxicity of oil of citronella and the appropriate management of poisoning included a case report of a fatal ingestion of oil of citronella in a child. On scrutiny, however, the management of this poisoning included now out-moded techniques, giving rise to uncertainties in establishing the true cause of the child's death. Our own experiences indicate that advice given in standard texts based on poisoning cases managed with out-moded techniques should be carefully evaluated.[1]


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