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Curvature-dependent lateral distribution of raft markers in the human erythrocyte membrane.

The distribution of raft markers in curved membrane exvaginations and invaginations, induced in human erythrocytes by amphiphile-treatment or increased cytosolic calcium level, was studied by fluorescence microscopy. Cholera toxin subunit B and antibodies were used to detect raft components. Ganglioside GM1 was enriched in membrane exvaginations (spiculae) induced by cytosolic calcium and amphiphiles. Stomatin and the cytosolic proteins synexin and sorcin were enriched in spiculae when induced by cytosolic calcium, but not in spiculae induced by amphiphiles. No enrichment of flotillin-1 was detected in spiculae. Analyses of the relative protein content of released exovesicles were in line with the microscopic observations. In invaginations induced by amphiphiles, the enrichment of ganglioside GM1, but not of the integral membrane proteins flotillin-1 and stomatin, was observed. Based on the experimental results and theoretical considerations we suggest that membrane skeleton-detached, laterally mobile rafts may sort into curved or flat membrane regions dependent on their intrinsic molecular shape and/or direct interactions between the raft elements.[1]


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