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Immunological follow-up in children born to HIV-1 infected mothers.

From November 1985 to January 1990 we examined 156 children born to 154 HIV-1 seropositive mothers every 3 months. Eighty-seven infants were over 18 months by January 1990. Six of them met the CDC criteria of HIV-1 infection or died from AIDS; a transmission rate of 7%. Six of the children aged less than 18 months also met the CDC criteria of HIV-1 infection. These 12 infected children were compared with the 81 presumably unifected children. The perinatal findings were similar in both groups. Most of the HIV-1 infected babies showed early abnormalities in humoral and cellular immunity, hypergammaglobulinemia, low percentage of CD4 circulating lymphocytes and increased spontaneous in vitro immunoglobulin production. These changes were persistent in the HIV-1 infected children, but sporadic in those uninfected. Immunological abnormalities were frequently found before clinical symptoms appeared. We conclude that repeated immunological abnormalities in babies born to HIV-1 seropositive mothers are suggestive of HIV-1 infection.[1]


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