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Immunity, Cellular

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  • CD1 proteins are conserved in all mammalian species so far examined and are prominently expressed on cells involved in antigen presentation, which suggests a role in activation of cell-mediated immunity [9].
  • CD40 and CD154 in cell-mediated immunity [10].
  • Interleukin-12 (IL-12) is a heterodimeric cytokine that plays a central role in promoting type 1 T helper cell (Th1) responses and, hence, cell-mediated immunity [11].
  • Antibodies on the surface of schizont-infected cells could facilitate binding of effector cells and trigger O2- release, thereby acting synergistically with cell-mediated immunity [12].
  • Inherited traits, such as abnormal hemoglobins and G-6-PD deficiency, and acquired cell-mediated immunity both subject malaria parasites to oxidant stress and may reinforce one another, increasing the chances of survival of children bearing these traits during the dangerous years of first exposure to malaria in areas where the disease is endemic [12].

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  • The identification of mutations in CXCR4 in individuals with WHIM syndrome represents the first example of aberrant chemokine receptor function causing human disease and suggests that the receptor may be important in cell-mediated immunity to HPV infection [33].
  • These mice will be useful in defining differences in inflammatory conditions and cellular immunity mediated by IL-10 [34].
  • These results suggest that IL-4 may regulate development and function of T-cell subsets involved in cell-mediated immunity in part by inhibiting factors required for transcription of the IL2 gene [35].
  • The reduced production of IL-15 from CB MNCs in response to stimulation may contribute to the decrease in IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha production and CB cellular immunity [36].
  • Type I IFN regulates different aspects of the immune response, inducing a cell-mediated immunity [37].

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