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Synthesis, characterization and in situ intestinal absorption of different molecular weight scutellarin-PEG conjugates.

Highly water soluble esters of scutellarin with different molecular weight polyethylene glycol (PEG) were synthesized. The physicochemical properties, the stabilities under different conditions and the in situ intestinal absorption of the conjugates in rats were investigated. By PEG modification, greatly increased water solubility and a desirable partition coefficient were obtained. These compounds act as prodrugs i.e. breakdown occurrs in a predictable fashion: in vitro, the t1/2 of them in PBS buffer at pH 7.4 was above 12 h (37 degrees C), while in plasma a more rapid breakdown was observed (t1/2 1.5-3 h). PEGylation could enhance the absorption of scutellarin in rat intestine, and scutellarin, its PEG conjugates are absorbed through intestine mainly via passive transport. When the molecular weight of PEG increased from 200 to 1000 Da, the absorption of the conjugates decreased accordingly. The range of PEG molecular weight used for the PEGylation of scutellarin was about 400-1000 Da based on considerations of the yield, the stability and the absorption.[1]


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