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DNA supercoiling factor contributes to dosage compensation in Drosophila.

DNA supercoiling factor ( SCF) is a protein capable of generating negative supercoils in DNA in conjunction with topoisomerase II. To clarify the biological functions of SCF, we introduced a heritable SCF RNAi into Drosophila. Upon knockdown of SCF, we observed male lethality and male-specific reduction in the expression levels of X-linked genes. SCF functionally interacts with components of the MSL complex, which are required for dosage compensation via hypertranscription of the male X chromosome. Moreover, SCF colocalizes with the MSL complex along the male X chromosome. Upon overexpression of SCF, the male X chromosome had a bloated appearance. This phenotype was dependent on the histone acetyltransferase MOF and was suppressed by simultaneous overexpression of ISWI. These findings demonstrate that SCF plays a role in transcriptional activation via alteration of chromatin structure and provide evidence that SCF contributes to dosage compensation.[1]


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