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Comparative generation and characterization of pluripotent unrestricted somatic stem cells with mesenchymal stem cells from human cord blood.

OBJECTIVE: Generation and expansion of pluripotent unrestricted somatic stem cells (USSCs) and mesenchymal cells (MSCs) from human cord blood as well their functional characterization were assessed. METHODS: USSC generation was initiated from fresh and cryopreserved cord blood (CB). Culture conditions and functional assays distinguishing between USSCs and MSCs (e.g., endodermal differentiation) are described. RESULTS: USSC cultures were initiated from 573 placental CB samples with a total generation frequency of 35.4% (n = 203), whereas successful generation of USSCs from cryopreserved products was scare. Medium, dexamethasone, and the fetal calf serum source are the major parameters to generate and expand the cells in a pluripotent state (osteogeneic, neural, and endodermal differentiation). CONCLUSIONS: USSC or MSC cultures can be easily obtained from fresh CB samples, good manufacturing practice production of such cells is feasible. These USSCs or MSCs from CB, when matched for HLA antigens, may serve as an allogeneic stem cell source for the development of cellular therapy for tissue repair.[1]


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