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Analysis of HIF-prolyl hydroxylases binding to substrates.

Hypoxia inducible transcription factors (HIF) are mainly regulated by a group of proline hydroxylases (EGLNs) that, in the presence of oxygen, target HIF for degradation. HIFalpha contains two independent oxygen degradation domains (N-ODD and C-ODD) that are substrates for these enzymes. In this work, we employed the yeast two-hybrid assay to study the sequence determinants required for the binding of EGLN1 and 3 to HIF1alpha in a cellular context. Our results demonstrate that, while EGLN1 is able to recognize both ODDs within full length HIF1alpha protein, EGLN3 only binds to CODD. The analysis of the residue substitutions within CODD uncovered novel critical determinants for EGLN1 and 3 binding. In addition, our results show that both enzymes have a very similar, albeit not identical, residue preference at specific positions in their substrate sequences.[1]


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