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Hse1, a Component of the Yeast Hrs-STAM Ubiquitin-sorting Complex, Associates with Ubiquitin Peptidases and a Ligase to Control Sorting Efficiency into Multivesicular Bodies.

Ubiquitinated integral membrane proteins are delivered to the interior of the lysosome/vacuole for degradation. This process relies on specific ubiquitination of potential cargo and recognition of that Ub-cargo by sorting receptors at multiple compartments. We show that the endosomal Hse1-Vps27 sorting receptor binds to ubiquitin peptidases and the ubiquitin ligase Rsp5. Hse1 is linked to Rsp5 directly via a PY element within its C-terminus and through a novel protein Hua1, which recruits a complex of Rsp5, Rup1, and Ubp2. The SH3 domain of Hse1 also binds to the deubiquitinating protein Ubp7. Functional analysis shows that when both modes of Rsp5 association with Hse1 are altered, sorting of cargo that requires efficient ubiquitination for entry into the MVB is blocked, whereas sorting of cargo containing an in-frame addition of ubiquitin is normal. Further deletion of Ubp7 restores sorting of cargo when the Rsp5:Hse1 interaction is compromised suggesting that both ubiquitin ligases and peptidases associate with the Hse1-Vps27 sorting complex to control the ubiquitination status and sorting efficiency of cargo proteins. Additionally, we find that disruption of UBP2 and RUP1 inhibits MVB sorting of some cargos suggesting that Rsp5 requires association with Ubp2 to properly ubiquitinate cargo for efficient MVB sorting.[1]


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