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New potential ligand-receptor signaling loops in ovarian cancer identified in multiple gene expression studies.

Based on the hypothesis that gene products involved in the same biological process would be coupled at transcriptional level, a previous study analyzed the correlation of the gene expression patterns of ligand-receptor (L-R) pairs to discover potential autocrine/paracrine signaling loops in different cancers (Graeber and Eisenberg. Nat Genet 2001; 29:295). By refining the starting database, a list of 511 L-R pairs was compiled, combined to eight data sets from a single pathology, epithelial ovarian cancer, and examined as a proof-of-principle of the statistical and biological validity of the correlation of the L-R gene expression patterns in cancer. Analysis revealed a Bonferroni-corrected significant correlation of 105 L-R pairs in at least one data set and, by systematic analysis, identified 39 more frequently correlated L-R pairs, 7 of which were already biologically confirmed. In four data sets examined for an L-R correlation associated with patient survival time, 15 L-R pairs were significantly correlated in short surviving patients in two of the data sets. Immunohistochemical analysis of one of the newly identified correlated L-R pairs (i.e., EFNB3-EPHB4) revealed the correlated expression of ephrin-B3 and EphB4 proteins in 45 of 55 epithelial ovarian tumor samples (P < 0.0001). Together, these data not only support the validity of cross-comparison analysis of gene expression data because known and expected correlations were confirmed but also point to the promise of such analysis in identifying new L-R signaling loops in cancer. (Cancer Res 2006; 66(22): 10709-19).[1]


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