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DNA sequence, genomic organization, and chromosomal localization of the mouse peripheral myelin protein zero gene: identification of polymorphic alleles.

We have cloned and characterized the mouse gene, P0, that encodes the predominant protein of peripheral myelin. Similar to the rat gene, the mouse P0 gene is encoded by six exons that span about 7 kb of DNA. The DNA sequence of the mouse gene is highly homologous with the rat gene, including the regions believed to be important in transcriptional control. Furthermore, the P0 protein appears well conserved throughout evolution. The gene was mapped to mouse chromosome 1 by Southern analysis of a Chinese hamster x mouse somatic cell hybrid panel. Several polymorphic restriction enzyme sites were identified within the P0 locus. Recombinant inbred strain mapping has linked the P0 gene to Ly-9/Ly/Sap in a region corresponding to band 1H3.[1]


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