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Homer1c interacts with Hippi and protects striatal neurons from apoptosis.

By the two hybrid screening of mouse brain cDNA library, we identified Hppi, a cell death-promoting protein, as a binding partner of postsynaptic scaffold protein Homer1c. Hippi interacted specifically with Homer1c but not with its homologue Homer2. It was reported that Hippi, when complexed with Hip1, induces the apoptosis in striatal neurons and may cause Huntington's disease. We found that this apoptotic effect of Hippi was specific to the striatum and was not observed in hippocampal neurons. Furthermore, the apoptotic effect of Hippi was prevented when Homer1c was co-expressed in cultured striatal neurons. The protective effect of Homer1c was diminished when Hippi binding domain was deleted. These results suggest that Homer1c may play an important role in the mechanisms of neuronal death in the striatum.[1]


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