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Gene Review

Ift57  -  intraflagellar transport 57

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 4833420A15Rik, Esrrbl1, HIP1-interacting protein, HIPPI, Hippi, ...
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Psychiatry related information on Ift57


High impact information on Ift57

  • This heterodimer can recruit procaspase-8 into a complex of Hippi, Hip-1 and procaspase-8, and launch apoptosis through components of the 'extrinsic' cell-death pathway [2].
  • Hippi functions as an adapter protein that mediates pro-apoptotic signaling from poly-glutamine-expanded huntingtin, an established cause of Huntington disease, to the extrinsic cell death pathway [3].
  • Together, these findings demonstrate a dual role for Hippi in cilia assembly and Shh signaling during development, in addition to its proposed role in apoptosis signal transduction in the adult brain under pathogenically stressful conditions [3].
  • Homer1c interacts with Hippi and protects striatal neurons from apoptosis [1].


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