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CD62/P-selectin recognition of myeloid and tumor cell sulfatides.

CD62, also called PADGEM protein, GMP-140, or P-selectin, is a granule membrane protein of endothelial cells and platelets that is mobilized to the plasma membrane following exposure to mediators such as thrombin, histamine, complement components, or peroxides. Data presented to date suggest that one ligand of CD62 includes CD15 (Lewis x determinant) and sialic acid. We show here that sulfatides, heterogeneous 3-sulfated galactosyl ceramides, are an apparently unrelated ligand of CD62. Sulfatides are expressed on the plasma membrane of, and are excreted by, granulocytes, and constitute the principal ligand for CD62 on the plasma membrane of some tumor cells. CD62 binds to sulfatides adsorbed to plastic as avidly as it binds to myeloid or tumor cells. We find that granulocytes excrete sulfatides at a rate predicted to allow them to be rapidly released from CD62 once they have exited the bloodstream.[1]


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