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Glucocorticoid-induced alternative promoter usage for a novel 5' variant of granzyme A.

Glucocorticoids exert diverse physiological functions through transcriptional regulation of genes including granzyme A (GZMA). GZMA is one of the apoptotic effectors localized in cytotoxic T lymphocytes and is considered to mediate glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis of human leukemia 697 cells. In the present study, we identified a novel 5' variant transcript of GZMA in dexamethasone (DEX)-treated 697 cells. We designated this novel transcript as GZMAbeta. The transcription of GZMAbeta starts at 290 bp downstream of the first intronic glucocorticoid response element (GRE). Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay showed that glucocorticoid receptor ( GR) binds to the intronic GRE in a DEX-dependent manner. Luciferase assay and RT-PCR also showed that DEX induces GZMAbeta transcription mediated by GR binding to the intronic GRE. Our results show that there exist at least two transcripts in human GZMA, whose expression is differentially regulated by glucocorticoid.[1]


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