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GSK3beta positively regulates Hedgehog signaling through Sufu in mammalian cells.

Hedgehog signaling plays important roles in embryonic patterning of multicellular organisms. This pathway is ultimately transmitted by the zinc-finger transcriptional factor Gli, of which activity is suppressed by Sufu, a negative regulator of this signaling. To clarify this regulation to more detail, we screened for Sufu-binding proteins. We identified GSK3beta as a specific binding partner of Sufu by mass spectrometric analysis. GSK3beta bound to Sufu both in vitro and in vivo. Down-regulation of GSK3beta expression by RNAi in Hedgehog-responsive cells attenuated Hedgehog signaling, suggesting that GSK3beta functions as a positive regulator of Hedgehog signaling. In addition, an in vitro kinase assay showed that GSK3beta phosphorylates Sufu and phosphorylation-mimicking mutant of Sufu showed significantly decreased ability to bind Gli1 and could not suppress the Gli-mediated expression of a reporter gene efficiently. These results strongly suggest that GSK3beta phosphorylates Sufu to positively regulate Hedgehog signaling in mammalian cells.[1]


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