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Reactive peripheral blood plasmacytosis in a patient with acute hepatitis A.

Reactive plasmacytosis is a transient expansion of plasma cell progenitors and precursors. This rare condition has been reported to occur mainly in infections and tumors. We describe a case of acute hepatitis A presenting with marked peripheral blood plasmacytosis. Plasma cells made up 27.5% of the mononuclear cells and had the immunophenotype CD10-CD19+CD20-CD21-CD23-CD34-CD38++HLA-DR+. Although the level of interleukin 6 was not increased, the presence of activated T-cells with an inverted CD4/CD8 ratio and high levels of soluble interleukin 2 receptor and neopterin indicated a marked immune response to acute hepatitis A. The patient's plasma cells had almost disappeared from the blood by hospital day 16. This report may represent the first described case of reactive peripheral blood plasmacytosis in acute hepatitis A.[1]


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