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Hepatitis A

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Disease relevance of Hepatitis A


High impact information on Hepatitis A

  • Steroid therapy in severe viral hepatitis. A double-blind, randomized trial of methyl-prednisolone versus placebo [6].
  • TIM-1 is genetically linked to asthma and is a receptor for hepatitis A virus, but the endogenous ligand of TIM-1 is not known [7].
  • The human homolog of TIM-1 is the hepatitis A virus (HAV) receptor, which may explain the inverse relationship between HAV infection and the development of atopy [8].
  • Infectious hepatitis C virus pseudo-particles containing functional E1-E2 envelope protein complexes [9].
  • We tested the hypotheses that the risk of asthma is reduced by intestinal parasites or hepatitis A infection, and increased by exposure to dust-mite allergen or organophosphorus insecticides in urban and rural areas of Jimma, Ethiopia [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hepatitis A


Biological context of Hepatitis A


Anatomical context of Hepatitis A


Gene context of Hepatitis A


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hepatitis A


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