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Acute chromosomal DNA damage in human lymphocytes after radiation exposure in invasive cardiovascular procedures.

AIMS: We evaluated whether radiation exposure during interventional cardiovascular procedures can induce damage to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). METHODS AND RESULTS: Micronucleus assay (MN) was performed as biomarker of chromosomal damage and intermediate endpoint in carcinogenesis. Seventy-two patients (54 males, age = 63.8 +/- 10.5 years) undergoing a wide range of radiation exposure during invasive cardiovascular procedures (coronary angiography, n = 9; percutaneous coronary intervention, n = 9; peripheral transluminal angioplasty, n = 37; and cardiac resynchronization therapy, n = 17) were enrolled. MN frequency was evaluated before, 2, and 24 h after the radiation exposure. Dose-area product (DAP; Gy cm(2)) was assessed as physical measure of radiation load. DAP value was 96.0 +/- 63.9 Gy cm(2). MN frequency was 15.1 +/- 7.1 per thousand at baseline and showed a significant rise at 2 h (17.5 +/- 6.5 per thousand, P = 0.03) and 24 h (18.5 +/- 7.3 per thousand, P = 0.004) after procedures. CONCLUSION: Our results corroborate the current radioprotection assumption that even modest radiation load can damage the DNA of the cell and induce chromosome alterations which are early predictors of increased cancer risk.[1]


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