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Verhulstian analysis of the growth of transplantable mammary tumours in sialoadenectomized mice.

In this report we have analysed data published in 1989 by Inui et al. (Incidence of precancerous foci of mammary glands and growth rate of transplantable mammary cancers in sialoadenectomized mice. J. Natl Cancer Inst. 81, 1660) involving the effects of perturbation of the epidermal growth factor ( EGF) status of mammary tumour-bearing mice on subsequent volumetric responses. Removal of an endogenous EGF stimulus by surgical ablation of the submaxillary glands, the major EGF-producing organ in mice, produced significantly slower growth of rodent mammary neoplasms, decreased success rate of transplantation, and an increase in the latent period before growth occurred. Administration of i.p. EGF (5 micrograms/mouse/day) to sialadectomized tumour-bearing mice would however, increase tumour growth rate. Data were analysed using the Verhulst equation which indicated that the observed effects on tumour volumetrics by either sialoadenectomy or EGF administration could be interpreted as being produced through paracrine pathways. The use of the Verhulstian analysis indicates that it is possible to analyse neoplastic responses and infer whether paracrine or autocrine pathways are involved.[1]


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