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Submandibular Gland

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Disease relevance of Submandibular Gland


High impact information on Submandibular Gland

  • Thus the liver and submaxillary gland synthesize alpha 2u globulin from different sets of genes that are subject to very different developmental and hormonal control [6].
  • The renin regulatory locus (Rnr) is a genetic element governing mouse submaxillary gland (SMG) renin levels [7].
  • Immunocytochemical studies have revealed the presence of EGF in mouse and human submaxillary glands, rat brain and human intestine [8].
  • Tonin, an esteroprotease isolated from rat submaxillary gland, is a serine protease with trypsin- and chymotrypsin-like activity [9].
  • While NGF is found in almost all vertebrates, most research has focused on murine NGF, as the mouse male submaxillary gland contains higher levels of this polypeptide than other tissues [10].

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