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Methadone maintenance treatment: a primer for physicians.

The doctor-patient interaction in the methadone maintenance treatment clinic is qualitatively different from general medical settings. The patient presents with a specific request for treatment of opioid dependence, most often having already selected the methadone treatment modality, and the initial contact is centered around obtaining methadone. Addiction and needle use increase susceptibility to life-threatening illnesses, such as syphilis, endocarditis, tuberculosis, and AIDS. The physician is working with counselors, nurses, therapists and 12-Step programs, incorporating the best of the medical, psychodynamic, behavioral, and recovery models into treatment. Federal and state governments also control and regulate methadone treatment. Given this complex picture, the basic techniques of methadone maintenance treatment are reviewed, including the intake examination, the annual examination, dose adjustment, withdrawal from methadone maintenance, management of pregnant patients, dual diagnosis patients, and severely ill or medically disabled patients.[1]


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