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Comparison of oral cefpodoxime proxetil and penicillin V potassium in the treatment of group A streptococcal pharyngitis/tonsillitis. The Cefpodoxime Pharyngitis Study Group.

Ninety-three patients with a diagnosis of acute pharyngitis/tonsillitis due to Streptococcus pyogenes were randomly assigned to receive 100 mg of cefpodoxime proxetil orally with food every 12 hours or 250 mg of penicillin V potassium orally on an empty stomach every six hours. Treatment efficacy was evaluated in 30 cefpodoxime-treated and 33 penicillin-treated patients. After 10 days of treatment, S pyogenes was eradicated from the throat culture in 29 of the 30 cefpodoxime-treated patients and in 30 of the 33 penicillin-treated patients. Twenty days after treatment termination, infection recurred in one patient of each treatment group. Clinical cure or improvement was found in 97% of the patients in each group. Adverse medical events occurred in nine of the 48 cefpodoxime-treated patients and in four of the 45 penicillin-treated patients; these were probably related to the study drug in seven and two patients, respectively. The most common adverse events were nausea (in three cefpodoxime and one penicillin patient) and diarrhea (in three and two). No patient showed colitis related to Clostridium difficile. No clinically significant abnormal laboratory test results were found in either treatment group. It is concluded that cefpodoxime proxetil is as effective and safe as penicillin V potassium in the treatment of pharyngitis due to S pyogenes.[1]


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