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A normally attractive cell interaction is repulsive in two C. elegans mesodermal cell migration mutants.

In wild-type Caenorhabditis elegans hermaphrodites, two bilaterally symmetric sex myoblasts (SMs) migrate anteriorly to flank the precise center of the gonad, where they divide to generate the muscles required for egg laying (J. E. Sulston and H. R. Horvitz (1977) Devl Biol. 56, 110-156). Although this migration is largely independent of the gonad, a signal from the gonad attracts the SMs to their precise final positions (J. H. Thomas, M. J. Stern and H. R. Horvitz (1990) Cell 62, 1041-1052). Here we show that mutations in either of two genes, egl-15 and egl-17, cause the premature termination of the migrations of the SMs. This incomplete migration is caused by the repulsion of the SMs by the same cells in the somatic gonad that are the source of the attractive signal in wild-type animals.[1]


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