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Tousled-mediated activation of Aurora B kinase does not require Tousled kinase activity in vivo.

The Aurora kinases comprise an evolutionarily conserved protein family that is required for a variety of cell division events, including spindle assembly, chromosome segregation, and cytokinesis. Emerging evidence suggests that once phosphorylated, a subset of Aurora substrates can enhance Aurora kinase activity. Our previous work revealed that the Caenorhabditis elegans Tousled-like kinase TLK-1 is a substrate and activator of the AIR-2 Aurora B kinase in vitro and that partial loss of TLK-1 enhances the mitotic defects of an air-2 mutant. However, given that these experiments were performed in vitro and with partial loss of function alleles in vivo, a necessary step forward in our understanding of the relationship between the Aurora B and Tousled kinases is to prove that TLK-1 expression is sufficient for Aurora B activation in vivo. Here, we report that heterologous expression of wild-type and kinase-inactive forms of TLK-1 suppresses the lethality of temperature-sensitive mutants of the yeast Aurora B kinase Ipl1. Moreover, kinase-dead TLK-1 associates with and augments the activity of Ipl1 in vivo. Together, these results provide critical and compelling evidence that Tousled has a bona fide kinase-independent role in the activation of Aurora B kinases in vivo.[1]


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