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Endothelin action in rat liver. Receptors, free Ca2+ oscillations, and activation of glycogenolysis.

High affinity binding sites for endothelin (ET) were identified on rat liver plasma membranes. Binding of 125I-ET-1 with its site was specific, saturable, and time dependent (kobs = 0.019 +/- 0.001 min-1), but dissociation of receptor-bound ligand was minimal. A single class of high affinity binding sites for 125I-ET-1 was identified with an apparent Kd of 32.4 +/- 9.8 pM and a Bmax of 1084 +/- 118 fmol/mg protein. ET-3 and big-ET-1 (1-38) (human) inhibited 125I-ET-1 binding with IC50 values of 1.85 +/- 1.03 nM and 43 +/- 6 nM, respectively. Aequorin measurements of cytosolic free Ca2+ in single, isolated rat hepatocytes showed that ET-1 at subnanomolar concentrations induced a series of repetitive, sustained Ca2+ transients. ET-1 had no effect on cAMP production. Finally, ET-1 caused a rapid and sustained stimulation of glycogenolysis in rat hepatocytes. A 1.8-fold maximal increase in glycogen phosphorylase alpha was observed at 1 pM ET-1, with an EC50 of 0.03 pM. Stimulation of the enzyme was specific for ET-1 since the order of potency of related peptides was similar to that in binding experiments (ET-1 greater than ET-3 greater than big ET-1). These data constitute the first demonstration of the presence of ET-1 binding sites in liver which is associated with a rise in cytosolic free Ca2+ and a potent glycogenolytic effect. We conclude that ET-1 behaves as a typical Ca2+ mobilizing hormone in liver.[1]


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