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Gene Review

Edn1  -  endothelin 1

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: ET-1, Endothelin-1, PPET1, Preproendothelin-1
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Disease relevance of Edn1


Psychiatry related information on Edn1


High impact information on Edn1


Chemical compound and disease context of Edn1


Biological context of Edn1


Anatomical context of Edn1


Associations of Edn1 with chemical compounds

  • The effects of ET-1 on ECE-1 mRNA and protein expression were shown to be mimicked by ionomycin, a calcium ionophore, but not by 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate, a protein kinase C activator [22].
  • Endothelin (ET), a potent vasoconstrictor peptide, is known to enhance the secretion of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) by the heart [24].
  • The specificity of the cardiovascular response to endothelin was demonstrated by the inhibitory effects of the receptor antagonist BQ-123 [3].
  • In sinoaortic-denervated animals, phenylephrine failed to reduce CSF endothelin levels [3].
  • The relevance of endothelin in central cardiovascular function was studied in urethane-anesthetized Sprague-Dawley rats [3].

Physical interactions of Edn1

  • Although it is commonly accepted that endothelin-1 binding to endothelial cell ETB receptors stimulates nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and subsequent smooth muscle relaxation, the signaling pathways downstream of ETB receptor activation are unknown [25].
  • The ET-1- binding sites were predominantly of ETA subtype since BQ123, but not IRL1038 (ETB receptor subtype agonist), effectively blocked 125I-ET-1 binding [26].
  • Protein kinase C and protein tyrosine kinase activity contribute to mitogenic signaling by endothelin-1. Cross-talk between G protein-coupled receptors and pp60c-src [27].
  • 125I-ET-1 binding was inhibited by ET-1 with an IC50 value of 0.17 nM but was only partially (approximately 60%) inhibited by 1 microM ET-3 [28].
  • Endothelin receptor subtypes are coupled to adenylate cyclase via different guanyl nucleotide-binding proteins in vasculature [29].

Enzymatic interactions of Edn1


Co-localisations of Edn1


Regulatory relationships of Edn1


Other interactions of Edn1

  • LPS significantly inhibited ET-1-mediated eNOS activation [5].
  • Antagonizing ET-1 effects and blocking its activation in LPS pretreated SECs decreased the LPS-induced overexpression of CAV-1 as well as the inhibition of ET-1-induced NOS activity [5].
  • Endothelin-1-specific activation of B-type natriuretic peptide gene via p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and nuclear ETS factors [35].
  • Dexamethasone decreased ET-1-stimulated PGE2 release and COX-2 protein and mRNA levels [37].
  • ET-1 rapidly increased association of EGFR and Shc with glutathione-S-transferase-Grb2 fusion protein [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Edn1


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