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Oct-1 induces pituitary tumor transforming gene expression in endocrine tumors.

As human pituitary tumor transforming gene (hPTTG1) is upregulated in endocrine tumors, we studied regulatory mechanisms for hPTTG1 expression. We identified Oct-1-binding motifs in the hPTTG1 promoter region and show Oct-1-specific binding to the hPTTG1 promoter using chromatin immunoprecipitation. We overexpressed Oct-1 and observed approximately 2.5-fold activation of hPTTG1 promoter luciferase constructs (-2642/-1 and -1717/-1). Transcriptional activation was abrogated by co-transfection of an inactive Oct-1 form lacking the POU domain or by utilizing mutated hPTTG1 promoters or mutants devoid of two Oct-1-binding motifs (-1717/-1mut, -637/-1 or -433/-1). Using biotin-streptavidin pull-down assays, we confirmed Oct-1 binding to the two octamer motifs in the hPTTG1 promoter (-1669/-1631 and -1401/-1361). Endogenous hPTTG1 mRNA and protein increased up to approximately fourfold in Oct-1 transfectants, as measured by real-time PCR and western blot. In contrast, siRNA-mediated suppression of endogenous Oct-1 attenuated both the hPTTG1 mRNA and protein levels. Using confocal immunofluorescence imaging, Oct-1 and hPTTG1 were concordantly upregulated in pituitary (57 and 62%, n=79, P<0.01) and breast tumor specimens (57 and 42%, n=77, P<0.05) respectively. The results show that Oct-1 transactivates hPTTG1, and both proteins are concordantly overexpressed in endocrine tumors, thus offering a mechanism for endocrine tumor hPTTG1 abundance.[1]


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