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The porcine tumor necrosis factor-encoding genes: sequence and comparative analysis.

We have cloned and sequenced a 10.22-kb fragment of the genomic locus of the porcine tumor necrosis factor-encoding genes, TNF-alpha and TNF-beta. A liver genomic DNA library, partially digested with Sau3AI, was cloned into the phage lambda EMBL4 and screened with a porcine TNF-alpha cDNA probe. Analysis showed that both the TNF-alpha and TNF-beta genes were present on the cloned fragment. In addition, the cloned fragment contained about 2 kb of repetitive sequences 5' to the TNF-beta gene. The TNF genes are arranged in a tandem repeat, as is the case for the human, mouse and rabbit TNF genes. The comparison of both genes with their human homologues displayed a considerable degree of conservation (80%), suggesting an equal evolution rate.[1]


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