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A prospective, randomized trial for use of prednisolone in patients with facial nerve paralysis after parotidectomy.

BACKGROUND: A high rate of facial nerve paralysis (FNP) develops after parotid surgery, but there have been few clinical trials on treatments to improve recovery times. This study evaluated the efficacy of prednisolone in these patients. METHODS: A total of 123 patients who underwent parotidectomy without injury to the facial nerve were assessed prospectively for postoperative FNP. These patients were assigned randomly to treatment with prednisolone or placebo for 10 days. FNP was evaluated by House-Brackmann grades. Recovery rates and adverse effects were monitored regularly for 6 months after surgery. RESULTS: Of the 123 patients, 45 had postoperative FNP. All FNPs were grades II to IV, mostly on 1 or 2 facial areas. The incidence of FNP was increased significantly with malignant pathology, increased parotidectomy extent, and neck dissection (P < .01). Of 44 evaluable patients, 43 showed full recovery of FNP after 6 months, whereas 1 patient had permanent FNP. Recovery rates were equal in both groups, and there was no evidence of major adverse effects. CONCLUSIONS: Prednisolone was ineffective in early recovery from postparotidectomy FNP.[1]


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