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Injectable tissue-engineered bone using autogenous bone marrow-derived stromal cells for maxillary sinus augmentation: clinical application report from a 2-6-year follow-up.

This clinical study used injectable tissue-engineered bone, along with bone marrow-derived stromal cells (BMDSCs) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), to conduct maxillary sinus floor augmentation by the simultaneous placement of bone graft and dental implants and to examine the state of regenerated bone after functional loading in 16 sinus augmentations in 12 patients whose alveolar crestal bone height was 2-10 mm. We used PRP as an autologous scaffold-which provides signal molecules-with in vitro expanded BMDSCs to enhance osteogenesis. All 41 dental implants prepared with the materials were clinically stable after second-stage surgery. The height of mineralized tissue at 2 years showed the mean increases of 8.8 +/- 1.6 mm compared to preoperative values, and no adverse effects and remarkable bone absorption were seen in the 2-6-year follow-up time. Although these results are preliminary, injectable tissue-engineered bone would stably predict the success of bone formation and dental implants, reduce patient burden, and provide minimally invasive cell therapy for patients.[1]


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