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Duodenal ulcer and Sjogren's syndrome in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis: a casual association?

Peptic ulcer has been reported in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis ( PBC), but its frequency and pathogenesis are still poorly defined. We have analyzed the occurrence of duodenal ulcer in 37 female patients affected by PBC and in 35 with chronic liver disease of various etiologies. An active ulcer was found in seven patients with PBC and in one with chronic autoimmune hepatitis. The presence of an exocrine gland defect, as indicated by clinical signs of Sjogren's syndrome (SS), was found in six patients with PBC and duodenal ulcer (85%), but in only eight (26.6%) of those without ulcer (p less than 0.02). Therefore, in our patients, duodenal ulcer occurs more often in PBC than in other types of chronic liver disease. The association of SS with PBC, significantly higher in patients with than without ulcer, supports the hypothesis that the underlying exocrine gland defect is involved in the development of duodenal ulcer.[1]


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