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Peptic Ulcer

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Disease relevance of Peptic Ulcer


Psychiatry related information on Peptic Ulcer

  • The more convenient dosage schedule of ranitidine may be important for patient compliance with initial therapy of peptic ulcer disease, and the greater duration of ranitidine antisecretory effects may enhance effectiveness of long-term maintenance therapy by providing more complete inhibition of nocturnal acid secretion [6].
  • Proton-pump inhibitor treatment resulted in an absolute risk reduction of peptic ulcer by 36.6% in acute and 34.6% in chronic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs/aspirin users; indeed, the number needed to treat to avoid one peptic ulcer in elderly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs/aspirin users was three both in acute and chronic users [7].
  • Over the followup period, patients with RA had a higher likelihood of developing congestive heart failure, chronic pulmonary disease, dementia, and peptic ulcer disease, while cases with OA had a significantly higher risk of developing peptic ulcer disease and renal disease [8].
  • The following factors seemed to have no influence on rates of ulcer healing: age, sex, duration of ulcer disease, duration (beyond four weeks) of cimetidine therapy, family history of peptic ulcer, alcohol consumption, and coffee consumption [9].
  • OBJECTIVE: The evolution of views regarding the impact of psychosocial factors on peptic ulcer was traced by examining all articles related to the upper gastrointestinal tract published in Psychosomatic Medicine since its inception [10].

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