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Determination of diclofop-methyl and diclofop residues in soil and crops by gas chromatography.

A method is described for the determination of residues of the herbicide diclofop-methyl and its metabolite, diclofop, in soil and crops. The residues were extracted with acetone-light petroleum and extracts were concentrated (diclofop was derivatized to its pentafluorobenzyl derivative), and then the products were purified on a chromatographic column containing alumina, silver-alumina and Florisil. Finally, they were determined by gas chromatography using an electron-capture detector. The detection limits of diclofop-methyl and diclofop were between 0.01 and 0.05 mg/kg. The average recoveries were 76.4-97.2% and 72.8-105.2%, respectively, making the method suitable for statutory residue testing purposes.[1]


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