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Mutagenicity of sumithion tested in Drosophila somatic and germ cells.

Sumithion, a broad-spectrum insecticide, was tested for its mutagenicity in the Drosophila wing-spot test and sex-linked recessive lethal test. Strains carrying the recessive mutant markers mwh and flr3 in their third chromosomes, expressed phenotypically as multiple trichomes or thickened and misshapen wing hairs in the adult wings, were used in the wing-spot test. Larvae transheterozygous for these markers were exposed to the insecticide in instant food and the sex-linked recessive lethal test was performed by the standard technique using the Basc strain. The compound is mutagenic in the wing primordial cells and induces recombination at high doses. Further, the frequency of induction of sex-linked recessive lethals is significant only at high treatment doses.[1]


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