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Nicardipine in the treatment of outpatients with cerebrovascular disorders.

A drug surveillance study was conducted, aimed at evaluating the efficacy and safety of nicardipine in outpatients with cerebrovascular diseases and at assessing the changes in nonfocal symptoms in the treated patients. The 3,150 outpatients (mean age, 68.9 years) were being treated by general practitioners and neurologists in Barcelona, Spain. Cerebral embolism was diagnosed in 4.0%, cerebral thrombosis in 13.0%, transitory ischemic attack in 28.0%, and chronic cerebral ischemia in 55.0%. The daily dose of nicardipine ranged from 20 to 180 mg; 87.7% of the patients received 60 mg of nicardipine daily. Concomitant medications were being taken by 89.1% of the patients. Treatment was evaluated in 2,913 patients. After 60 days of treatment, marked improvement was noted in 31.0% of the patients, moderate improvement in 39.0%, slight improvement in 20.0%, and no change in 10.0%. Marked or moderate improvement was noted in 69.6% of the patients who received nicardipine alone and in 66.9% of the patients who received concomitant medications. Clinically significant drops in blood pressure during treatment were found in the hypertensive patients. Side effects were reported by 14.5% of all patients and by 4.6% of the patients who received nicardipine alone. It is concluded that the daily administration of nicardipine is safe and effective in outpatients with cerebrovascular disorders.[1]


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