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Measurements of the diameters of the great arteries and semi-lunar valves of chick and mouse embryos.

The great arteries of embryos are small channels of a complex three-dimensional arrangement. Measurements of their diameters, as required for understanding cardiovascular morphogenesis and the genesis of malformations, cannot be performed in two-dimensional histological sections. We present and evaluate a quick and simple method for performing highly significant and objective measurements of the diameters of blood vessels in vertebrate embryos and used this method for providing statistics of the diameter of the semi-lunar valves and the lumina of the great arteries of early chick and mouse foetus. We employed the high-resolution episcopic microscopy technique for generating volume data and three-dimensional computer models of the arterial trees of 30 chick embryos (Hamburger Hamilton stage 34), 30 mouse embryos of the OF1 strain harvested on 14.5 dpc, 30 embryos of the OF1 strain harvested on 15.5 dpc and 28 mouse embryos of the PARKES strain harvested on 14.5 dpc. The three-dimensional models (voxel size 2 mum x 2 mum x 2 mum and 3 mum x 3 mum x 3 mum) were used for defining virtual resection planes perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the blood vessels at comparable positions. In these planes, we measured the lumen areas and the lumen perimeters. We also calculated the lumen diameter and the true lumen area from the perimeter and present statistical analysis. Finally, we evaluate and discuss the reliability and reproducibility of our method and present all measurements in a form that minimizes the influence of specimen size variation, specimen processing and data generation methods.[1]


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